The following are only examples of what Café Do Brasil can provide for your event.

(Minimum order of 2 dozen.  All items priced individually)

Sonhos de Chocolate

Chocolate topped with raspberry and passion fruit sauces  $3.45


Passion fruit mousse topped with a creamy chocolate mousse  $2.95

Lemon Mouse

A tart refreshing mousse  $2.95

Mousse de Maracuja

Passion fruit mousse  $2.95

Apple Cake

A warm homemade apple cake topped with whipped cream  $2.95

Puddin de Leite

Brasilian style flan  $4.50

Carrot Cake

Topped with cream cheese frosting and walnuts  $2.45


Lemon mousse topped with a creamy chocolate mousse  $2.95

Dessert Bars

Lemon  $2.50

Assorted Cookies

Chocolate chip, cashew, or peanut butter  $1.25

Doce de Leite Puffs

Small puffs filled with doce de leite and chocolate  $2.75

Handmade Brasilian Truffles

Brigadeiro (Dark Chocolate)
Casadinhos (White & Dark Chocolate)
Cajuzinho (Cashew)
Brigadeiro Branco (White Chocolate)
Bom-Bom de Nozes (Walnut)
Bom-Bom de Uvas (Seedless green grapes wrapped in white chocolate)


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