Hors d’Oeuvres

The following are only examples of what Café Do Brasil can provide for your event.

(Items priced per dozen)

Vegetables & Cheeses

Beringela Portuguesa
An eggplant relish on Crustini  $18

Belgian Endives
Crispy endive leaves filled with black bean hummus  $22

Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes filled with ricotta, spinach, and bacon cream  $18

Mini Quiches
Mini pastry shell pies filled with creamy hearts of palm and Havarti cheese  $20

Caprese Skewers
Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and fresh mozzarella drizzled with basil infused extra virgin olive oil  $20

Deviled Eggs
Creamy and tangy  $18

Three Cheese Cup
Small pastry cups filled with ricotta, cream cheese, and fresh dill infused chevre cheese  $22

Cucumber Gazpacho Shooters
Refreshing cucumber and green grape shooter  $22


Spicy Crab
Spicy surimi crab on a cucumber round  $18

Belgian Endive
Crispy endive leaves filled with Brasilian potato salad (Salpicao)  $24

Camarao Shooter
Shrimp served in a mini shot glass with curry gazpacho  $27

Salmon Mousse
Smoked salmon, capers, ricotta cheese, and dill on a cucumber round  $22

Mushroom Cups
Baked mushroom cups topped with crab meat, sauteed in palm oil and coconut milk  $22

Pastel De Camarao
Thin pastry shells filled with shrimp cooked in palm oil and coconut milk  $23

Mini Canape
Mini toast points topped with a creamy shrimp curry  $18

Cherry tomatoes filled with chopped black olives, anchovies, and chopped garlic  $22

Camarao Com Bacon
Shrimp marinated in garlic, malagueta peppers, and fresh lime juice wrapped in smoked bacon and topped with créme rose dressing  $23

Crunchy Plantains
Fried plantain topped with lumps of crab meat infused with palm oil  $22


Chicken Wantons
Small wanton cups filled with creamy diced chicken, leeks, dark raisins, and capers  $16

Chipotle Chicken
Cubes of spicy chicken breast on skewers served with créme rose dressing  $20

Brasilian croquettes stuffed with chicken and herbs lightly breaded and fried.  Served with a homemade cream cheese sauce  $21

Chicken & Bacon Wrap
Small pieces of grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon.  Served with créme rose  $20

Frango A Passarinho
Crispy fried chicken pieces on the bone marinated in olive oil, garlic, and white wine  $2.25 *priced per person

Chicken Tots
Small baked chicken and vegetable tots  $22


Stuffed Potatoes
Roasted new potatoes filled with spinach, bacon, ricotta, cream cheese, and roasted peppers  $18

Beef Empanadas
Shredded roast beef and vegetables  $22

Sirloin Sliders
Mini sandwich made with shredded sirloin topped with Swiss cheese and a creamy black grape Cabernet sauce  $22

Churrasquinhos De Carne
Cubes of sirloin, peppers, and shallots grilled on a skewer  $19

Pork Sliders
Mini sandwich made with pulled pork roast topped with onion confetti  $20

Feijoada Rolinho
Mixture of black beans, rice, and pork rolled up in spring roll shells  $23

Polenta Squares
Creamy polenta topped with pulled pork and caramelized onions  $20

Pickled hard salami wrapped in green pepper  $18

Thin slices of Picanha steak served on crustini topped with Chimichurri sauce  $23

Grilled Picanha steak seasoned with sea salt on a skewer  $23

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