Traditional Caipirinha

The national drink of Brazil, made from muddled lime, sugar, and cachaça.

Specialty Caipirinhas

Caip-beer-inha Storm 7
Traditional caipirinha topped with Coop’s F5 IPA

Sonhos    10
Blueberry, limes, vanilla-infused sugar, Leblon Premium cachaça

Caipi Roxa   10
Blueberries, strawberries, hibiscus bitters, sugar, Leblon Premium cachaca

Saudades da Bahia    10
Mango, pineapple, strawberries, peach bitters, Leblon cachaça

Morango    10
Strawberry, lime, rapadura sugar, bitters, Novo Fogo barrel-aged cachaça

Guava Guapo    10
Guava juice, lime, sugar, Leblon Premium cachaça
optional: try it spicy!


Daiquari Maison    8
Vanilla-infused Leblon cachaça, lime juice, simple syrup

Ana’s Black Martini    10
Local Indian Grass vodka, Chambord, lime twist

A Good Thyme    9
Cazadores Reposado, rosemary-thyme simple syrup, Lillet Rose, hibiscus bitters, splash of soda

Midnight Manhattan    10
Coffee-infused barrel aged Novo Fogo, sweet vermouth, smoked orange bitters

The Breakfast Club    12
Patron Silver Tequila, lemon, raspberry-peppercorn simple, peach bitters

Chameleon Colada   8
Berry-infused Novo Fogo Chameleon cachaça, coconut milk, coco lopez, peach bitters, splash of soda

Limon de Coco    9
Coconut rum, lemon, coconut milk, coco lopez
optional: try it with Mango Patrón Citronge! +1


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