Black Bean Hummus    7
Black beans, roasted garlic, tahini, topped with biquinho peppers and served with pita bread
Add veggies    +2

Dadinho    9
Golden cubes of tapioca and queso fresco served with house made malagueta and biquinho pepper jelly

Beringela     9
Roasted eggplant, peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and e.v.o.o., served with bread

Mandioca Frita    8
Fried yuka with chimichurri garlic mayo

Trio Ternura    10
Three dips served with pita bread:

Caviar de Pobre
Black olives, anchovies, garlic, italian parsley
Pepper Relish
Roasted sweet peppers, jalapenos, garlic, e.v.o.o.
Roasted eggplant, peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, e.v.o.o.

Frango a Passarinho    11
Crispy fried chicken pieces on the bone, served with chimichurri sauce and lime wedges

Linguiça a Palito    12
Homemade linguica sausage, bermuda onions, garlic, and pimento biquinho peppers served with bread

Coxinha de Galinha    12
Brazilian croquettes stuffed with chicken and herbs, then lightly breaded and fried; served with homemade catupiry (Brasilian cream cheese sauce)

Feijoada Rolinho    12
Black beans, rice, and shredded pork wrapped in rice paper, served with fried collard greens, oranges, vinaigrette, and a crème rosé dipping sauce

Costela de Adão    14
Pork ribs and caramelized onions served over fried polenta

Filezinho    12
In house made carne seca (cured meat), cooked with peppers, onions, dry white wine; served with bread


Mexilhão    12
New Zealand mussels in a watercress, leek, garlic, butter, white wine sauce; served with bread

Black Mussels     12
Black mussels in a creamy sauce with Pernod anise liquor, shallots, capers, tomatoes and garlic; served with bread

Clams & Mussels    12
Clams and mussels in a roasted tomato and pepper sauce, cooked with basil, leeks, calabreza sausage, dry white wine; served over creamy polenta

Ceviche    12
Shrimp, tilapia and pineapple chunks in Tahiti lime juice and Jose Cuervo gold tequila

Pastel de Camarão (Empanadas)    10
Stuffed with shrimp, sweet peppers, white onions, and a creamy coconut milk, palm oil and malagueta pepper sauce


Sonhos de Chocolate    6
A rich and creamy dessert drizzled with raspberry and passion fruit sauce

Marachoco    6
Mousse de Maracuju (passion fruit mousse) topped with a creamy chocolate mousse

Lemon Mousse    5
A tart and refreshing mousse

Mousse de Maracuju    5
Our refreshing and unique passion fruit mousse

Apple Cake    5
Warm homemade apple cake with whipped cream

Puddin de Leite (Flan)    5
Most famous Brazilian dessert

Carrot Cake    5
Our frosted carrot cake, served chilled